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The video speaks for itself.

A design must solve a problem. Always, otherwise, there is little motivation to use it.

There are various crucial points to make about this particular design, and represent the philosophy in which products, services, methods, etc. ought to be designed. Of course, the beauty of design is the diversity of philosophies, so please add your thoughts in the comments section.

First, it incorporates the recycling of waste in a brilliant way. Fantastic!

Second, it breaks a dependency. In this case, a dependency on electricity, and leverages natural resources. I want to stress the importance of breaking dependencies in design. In every design exercise, there will undoubtedly be dependencies of one form or another. When looking to build a design solution, the more dependencies that can be eliminated, the better, of course.

Third, it generates employment. Given that the product does not require highly skilled workers to assemble and install, it opens the door to higher participation, employment.

Fourth, its simplicity means that it can be assembled and installed pretty much anywhere, anytime, almost in minutes.

The downside? Of course, it only works during the day. But this is a BEAUTIFUL solution to a hugely complex problem. It is a brilliant first step and, in design, there’s always Version 2

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